Mystery Sports/Racer
Not a bad looking car...  I hope someone knows something about it.
Tires look kind of skinny for a big-engined car.  Maybe it had Triumph or Volvo power?
(6-4-13)    From Geoffrey Hacker:

"I would like to help research the history of this car and ask that the current owner contact Geoff Hacker of Forgotten Fiberglass at or (813) 888-8882."

(I've lost the contact info for the original contributor.   TM)

(7-24-09)   From Darrell Wilhelm:

"The blue roadster belonging to "MB" appears to be an Edwards America or a copy thereof, judging from the approximate size and the rear fender line. The door cutouts differ slightly, and the curved Plexiglas windshield is certainly not original. The front end also appears very similar to an Edwards, although the grille shape differs somewhat. Perhaps this is one of the "lost" cars out of the seven built, or it may be the racer driven in the 1950s Pebble Beach races. 

Also, keep in mind that the Edwards Americas were constructed upon standard American production-car (namely Ford station wagon and Kaiser Henry-J) chassis, which may account for the narrow tires. 

Below is a picture of an unrestored (and also blue) Edwards America with similar door shape, found in Martinez, California at an unknown time. I did not take the picture, I just found it online while looking up the Edwards marque at

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