Phil Cohen's Model of Bob Challman's Lotus Mk.9-MG

From Phil Cohen:   "I have been a car nut since about age 14, and one of the highlights of my life was working pit crew on Bob Challman's Lotus IX."

More from Phil Cohen:   "Finally, in my dotage, I have found a way to own all - well, most - of the cars I ever wanted. My collection of die cast models now numbers around 60 but I never dreamed of finding a Mark IX, until I stumbled on to Steve Overy's Illustra site. Needless to say, I emailed him straightaway and asked if he could do a one-off or me in white. Well, it took about a year but the model (see photo) finally arrived. The 'custom livery' was another story...

"It begins with our local Rotary club, which puts on an annual art show.  Ken Smith, a fellow member of the club, has run the show for the past two years. Some of the entries are miniatures, so I figured if anybody could put me on to someone who could do my little job, Ken would know of them.

So I phoned Ken, got about halfway through my story, when he said, "Wait a minute, I'll put you on to Maryann" (his wife). Ken is a retired schoolteacher and looks the part - mild mannered, soft spoken and scholarly, so you would never guess that for many years, his wife was pit boss at the local sprint car races.  She in turn knows a a guy who builds miniatures: trains, buildings and of course 'customised' sprint cars.  So I called him and he not only did the job, but wouldn't take a penny for it.

He of course worked from the picture on your web site and for a freehand job, I think it looks pretty good.  He even managed to get the PSCC (Pacific Sports Car Club) lettering on to the little shield. The framed photo from your web site now resides behind the model and is my pride and joy. I only wish Bob was around to see it.

Here's my email address:    You never know who might turn up after all these years!

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