Jerry van Kalleveen's AC Bristol and Car Seat Covers

From Jerry:   "I have been thinking about posting my car as a mystery car for some time.  It is a 1957 AC Ace-Bristol that allegedly was raced until 1964 and would have been SCCA SW regional champion class DP. The only year the AC Bristol was in D class was 1960 (before E, after C).  This information from an article of the then owner Rick Kimball (copy available)."

From Jerry:   "The car is an unusual color since even before that time, a shade of butterscotch/pumpkin kind of color. Originally Ford Cordova, a truck color it is written.
However, originally it was Vermillion (light red) and it may or may not have raced in this color. The current color was most probably applied after 1964."
"It was sold new through Jarrard Motors of Pensacola, FL. I don't know when it made the transition from Florida to California. In fact, I know nothing about the period before 1964 when Rick Kimball bought it and made it a road car again. Of course, I have been trying to find this person who was also a yachtsman that time. So far no luck.  I know the names of all the subsequent owners."
"I have also contacted the SCCA historian but he wrote there are generally no records of regional racing of that period (only national racing).  The chassis number is BEX316 and the engine is 100D650 which is original to the car."

More about Jerry's car in the October, 1970 issue of "Road Test" magazine.

If you can help Jerry with the competition history of his car: Please email me!

(12-6-09)   From  website contributor Malcolm Wood:

"I'm not sure if this helps or is already known by Jerry.

In the book "Ace Bristol Racing" by John McLellan & Tony Bancroft, BEX 316 is listed with the following information:

BEX 316   100D 650  ex works 04.07.57
ex D.A. Belden, D Durst, SCCA SW Champ '60, 'Road Test' Oct '70

I don't think the car is mentioned or illustrated in the general text of the book."

(2-11-10)  Jerry contributed this photo and the one below.

From Jerry: "ome time ago I received these older pictures of my AC Bristol car. I guess the picture (above) with the 2 guys is the older one of the two.  It could be useful just in case anyone might recognise one of these guys. I would guess at least one of them is one of the previous owners Bill McKenna or David Belden."

From Jerry:  "This picture most probably is taken in the garage of Derek Durst, the last US owner."  Both of the cars behind the Bristol look interesting. 

If anyone can add to Jerry's knowledge base about his car's history or maybe can ID the Cisitalia-esque coupe or the roadster in the background: Please email me!

(2-12-10)    From Jerry van Kelleveen:

"You mention the Cisitalia-esque coupe in the background. However, it seems to have the same kind of nose as my car and would most probably be an AC Aceca, the coupe version of the Ace (could be AC or Bristol engined). I know Derek Durst aka mrbadger on the internet had a few Aces and Acecas for sale during the past 10 or 15 years.

I'm not sure about the other one. My first guess would be an MG. Partly because I know Derek was also into MG's and partly because of the basic shape. Not a T-type of course or even a P-type because of the flat cowl but another earlier prewar MG type."

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