The Austin as it is today

"I bought the car from Felix last year and had it shipped back to Europe prior to planning several events with it.  I'm not a youngster anymore, 69 in a few months, but I have to have a go again before it is too late!  My youngest daughter who is 15 this year (and is into cars) may well take over from me!"

"Here's another one for you - one car that I believe has never made it across the pond - it's my other race car of 1964 vintage that competed at the Nurburgring and Mugello in 1966 and won the HSCC championship in the UK in 1983.

Maybe, I can tease your readers by asking them what is it?"

Just for fun...  If you can identify Malcolm's car  Please email me!

(8-11-09) From Robert Gunderson:


(8-23-09)   From Norbert Vogel   ARLON  Belgium:

"I think Malcolm Wood's "other" racing car is a Diva 10 F.  I'm attaching a picture of John Corfield's similar car at Silverstone in 1986."

(8-26-09   From Malcolm Wood

Thank you Norbert & Robert - you are of course, correct.

"My car is indeed a Diva - chassis D/38 - the car originally raced by Sir Jon Samuel at circuits such as Nurburgring, Mugello, etc. as well as extensively in the UK. It was the former John Corfield car and has now been restored to original condition. It is fitted with a Ford-Cosworth 1142cc that revs up to 9,000.
With 124 bhp and a weight of just over 1,000 pounds it's quite competitive. (in the right hands!)

I haven't raced the car this year owing to business commitments but I'm planning several events with it next year.

I'm in the process of writing the history of the marque and I'm on the lookout for information from Diva owners past and present. Almost all the 65 cars built were competition cars with only a handful being used on the road.  I think I'm right in saying that there are no Divas in North America although they have raced in South Africa and in the Far East."

"The Austin last weekend with my daughter Paloma in the hot seat."

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