Tony Settember -- Mercedes-Benz 300SL / Dick Thompson -- Corvette

Great action shot from Pebble Beach, April 22, 1956!  Thompson hangs the Corvette out Dave MacDonald-style chasing race-winner Settember.  Amazing how intense the racing was with very solid trees mere feet away from the course.  The spectators didn't have much protection, either.

(1-9-09)   From Corvette Expert Jim Gessner:

"Roy Storey also raced a 56 Corvette in the Pebble Beach Race. The engine blew up in practice, and the Chevrolet team for Dr. Dick's #46 car headed by Frank Burell 'loaned' Roy a back up engine. I don't know how he finished.  (He didn't.  DNF with "Motor trouble".)

Bob D'Olivo was the photo editor for Petersen Publishing  from 1953 to 1996.  After the race, he and his partner Racer Brown went to the 'party' for drinks and food and met all the Chevrolet people.  At that meeting, they both asked "HOW DO I GET ONE OF THESE CORVETTES TO RACE?" Two weeks later, a 56 venitian red / beige cove car showed up. 3 speed trans with optional 240hp engine (only 118 made).  Dick Jess, area manager Oakland Division Chevrolet got them the car. 

That became the race # 106 car seen at Kent, Washington in October 56 Palm Springs in November 56.  At both of these races it was driven by Dr. Thompson.  Bob and Racer owned and prepared the car and also raced it at some events as well. Bill Pollack also drove this car.

Dr. Thompson got the SCCA National title that year driving this car, and the # 46 car at Pebble Beach and east coast races at Sebring, Marlboro, and Cumberland all in 56 Corvettes."

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