Chuck Fawcett's Photos -- 1

Chuck attended Southern California races in the 1950s.  He shot these photos "back in the day" and, as far as your webmaster knows, they haven't been widely seen.  There are PLENTY MORE coming!

Since the race events shown were before your webmaster's time, the historians among you can have lots of fun IDing the cars, drivers, venues and dates.  (Update:  I can't believe the great response from the racing historians.  The first four pages were solved within one hour of posting.)

A big thank you to Michael Jacobsen for help with most of the captions below.

John von Neumann -- Ferrari 750 Monza
John von Neumann -- Porsche 550 Spyder
Tom Bamford -- Ferrari 340
Dabney Collins -- Ferrari 4.5
Ken Miles -- Porsche 550 Spyder
Carroll Shelby -- Ferrari 375MM
Bill Pollack -- Baldwin Special
Ken Miles -- MG R2 Special "Flying Shingle"
R. McLaughlin -- Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 7
Jim Seely -- Cannon Special
Ak Miller -- "Caballo de Hierro" Oldsmobile Special
Bill Murphy -- Kurtis-Buick  (Palm Springs)
????? -- 2-Liter Maserati (?)
Bill Murphy -- Kurtis-Buick  (Willow Springs)
Dave Thormin -- 500cc Special
????? -- Nash Healey / Tom Bamford -- Allard
Bruce Kessler -- Scarab-Offenhauser
Ernie McAfee -- Ferrari Monza / Bill Pollack -- Baldwin Special 
????? -- Lancia
Santa Barbara Main Event Starting Grid
Alex Budurin -- Kurtis  (1)
Alex Budurin -- Kurtis  (2)
Bob Sullivan -- Singer SM 1500 rolls at Torrey Pines  (1)
Bob Sullivan -- Singer SM 1500 rolls at Torrey Pines  (2)
Morgensen Special -- Torrey Pines
Ernie McAfee -- Ferrari 121LM 4.4 liter
Chuck Porter -- Mercedes-Benz 300-SLS Special
Bill Krause -- Jaguar D-Type
Terry Hall -- Talbot Lago Grand Prix Car
John von Neumann -- Ferrari Mondial with Monza Engine
Bob Drake -- Ferrari 166
Celebrity Couple From the 1950s
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