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The Jurassic period:  Brontosaurus walked the earth.  Teams of big, powerful, and expensive Maseratis, Ferraris, and Jaguars dominated US events.  Their well-to-do super-enthusiast owners developed home-grown driving talent into a generation of world-class American professionals.  Lance Reventlow and his Chevy V8-powered Scarabs solidly whomped those teams and put an end to the era.

Bob Norton's Photos
Bill Tibbetts Photos
Peter McKercher's Photos
Chuck Fawcett's Photos!  (1)
Chuck Fawcett's Photos!  (2)
Chuck Fawcett's Photos!  (3)
Chuck Fawcett's Photos!  (4)
Chuck Fawcett's Photos!  (5)
Bob Engberg's Torrey Pines Photos
Bob Oker -- Joe Lubin's Aston DB3S
Aston Martin DB3S Photos
Ron Keil's Aston Martin DB3S
Lou Brero's Kurtis 500S-Cadillac!
Whitey Thuesen's Amazing "Solitary  Wasp"
Jerry Entin's Photos
Joe Playan's Photos -- 1
Joe Playan's Photos -- 2
Ricardo Rodriguez -- Riverside, 1957
Tom Householder's Panorama
Norman Milne's Photos
Doug Noble's Photos
John Armanino's Photos
Bill Watkins' Photos
Trenor Stanley's Photos
Jack Reynolds -- Ferry 750 Sport
Dale Deems' Photos
Gary Enoch's H-Mod Photos!
Cumberland, MD, Photos!
Dick Russell's Photos
Corvette SR-2
Evan McGreevy's Photos
Corrazza Cooper-Porsche
George Keck -- Porsche "RSKeck"
Old Yeller I Photos  (More)
Ak Miller's Devin-Chevy
Haskell Wexler (2) -- Other Racing
New Scarab Photos from "Modena West"
Riverside -- L.A. Times-Mirror Grand Prix -- October 12,  1958
Bob Langer's Photos from Meadowdale:  9-14-1958.
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