Photos of 1950s Racing

This section features photos of 1950s racing contributed by website visitors.

Early 1950s racing:  The Triassic:  The age of primitive sailback dinosaurs; the howl of cycle-fendered MG and Jaguar Specials; the rumble of Cadillac V8s powered Allards...  Jaguar XK-120s and MG T series cars ruled the production classes.  The era lasted From the immediate postwar days until the rise of the powerful semi-pro teams owned and operated by wealthy super-enthusiasts.

Early 1950s Racing

Mid 1950s racing: The Jurassic era: The earth trembled from the thunder of huge saurians, the largest dinosaurs of all time. Teams of powerful and expensive Maseratis, Ferraris, and Jaguars dominated US events.  Their well-to-do owners developed home-grown driving talent into a generation of solid American professionals.  Lance Reventlow and his Chevy V8-powered Scarabs whomped these teams and put an end to the era.

Mid-1950s Racing

Late 1950s racing (including 1960):  The Cretaceous, a transitional age: The time of Velociraptor and Triceratops, still primitive, but lighter and faster than their Jurassic predecessors.  Front-engined "Birdcage" Maseratis, the still-potent Scarabs (now with new owners), Jim Hall's first Chaparral, and "Testa Rossa" Ferraris fought on,  but  lost out to newer, more modern, mid-engined designs. 

Late 1950s Racing
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