Photos of 1960s Racing

This section features photos of 1960s racing contributed by website visitors.

Early 1960s racing:  The transitional age continues.  Mid-engined cars dominate major events while older front-engined designs are still competitive on the local level. The explosive appearance of Carroll Shelby's Cobras powers American road racing to a whole new level.

Early 1960s Racing
Mid-1960s racing:  Carroll Shelby's Cobras dominate production and GT events.  A new era begins with  high- horsepower American V8 engines installed in the already ascendant mid-engined sports racers.  The USRRC series and the fall pro races in California showcase these spectacular cars. 
Mid-1960s Racing
Late 1960s racing:  The epic Can-Am days.  Unlimited power and few constraints on the creativity of designers. Where could things go after Roger Penske's 1200 HP Flat-12 Turbo-Porsche 917/30s?  Porsche had a 1600 HP Flat-16 in development... That was too much, and marked the end of the classic Can-Am. 
Late 1960s Racing
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