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Carroll Shelby's Ford-powered Cobras dominate production and GT events.  A new era begins with high-horsepower American V8 engines installed in the already ascendant mid-engined sports racers.  The USRRC series and the fall pro races in California showcase these spectacular cars. 

Bob Harris (2) -- The "Vinegaroons" 
Tom Piantanida's 1964 US Grand Prix Photos -- Homepage
Jack Nethercutt's Mirage
Charlie Hayes' Photos
Tony Ferrari's Photos -- Homepage
Dieter Schambach's Photo -- Homepage 
Jimmy Law's Photos -- Homepage
 Haskell Wexler (3) -- The Lola T70
Martin Hill's Photos  (Mid-1960s) -- 1
Martin Hill's Photos  (Mid-1960s) -- 2
Mike Fuch's Photos -- Camp Stoneman Race Event:  1965
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