From Dave Perry of "OldSchool Restorations"
"This  Vintage 2 seat monocoque, mid-engined SCCA racecar appears to have been built to circa 1959 F/Mod specs. Very professional aircraft style construction, it has twin fuel tanks in the sidepods . It is all aluminum, including the rollbar.

It was discovered in a Clearwtaer Florida barn in 2006, where the owner said it had been sitting for 20 years.

If you have any knowledge of it's early, or later, SED SCCA history in the Florida area, I hope you will pass it along."

"Although we've had a lot of suggestions that it's a Beach design, we believe only the Mk.8 Coupes were monocoques.  There are however,  many similarities, and it definitely not a backyard creation.  It's not an H-Modified.  This is a vintage roadrace SCCA  F-Modified, later called the C Sport Racing class  or "C/SR", as seen in its second body configuration shown above.

The current nose and rear body may help in identifying this car during it's 1970's life.  The whereabouts of the original nose and rear are unknown...otherwise it is obvious the car appears unmolested from the original construction."

"Up front, the VW front beam is fitted with a well laid out rack and pinion steering.  Drum brakes front and rear. Early VW splitcase transaxle in mid-engine configuration with 4 link rear and air over oil shocks . Cortina pre-crossflow 120E motor has dual 40 Weber sidedrafts and 'zoomie' exhaust pipes. Cockpit and engine compartment nicely laid out. "   SEE MORE PHOTOS:   HERE.
(9-6-09)   From website contributor Malcolm Wood:

"On researching some of the Mystery Cars on your site, the car listed by Dave Perry of Old School Restorations looks very similar in many respects to the Sievers Climax Special built by Wayne Sievers of Burnaby BC in 1964/1965.

It was originally raced with a VW flat four until replaced with a Coventry-Climax FWE 1220cc from a Lotus Elite to provide more speed. I base my observations on the original body and the current mid-section. Further history with photos on the Sievers Climax can be found on p. 321 in Tom Johnston's excellent book "Sports Car Road Racing in Western Canada".

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