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Bob Harris drove the Chevrolet-powered Campbell Special in 1961-62.  It was one of the first mid-engined cars to have V8 power.  At Santa Barbara on Sept. 2, 1962, he and the car flew through the air in a wild accident.  He suffered a broken shoulder and cracked ribs.

Harris' son, Raider Harris, provided these photos from the Harris family's collection.

Bob Harris -- Campbell Special-Chevrolet
Bob Harris and Dave MacDonald -- March 4, 1962
Bob Harris, Bill Campbell, and Dan Blocker
Bob Harris, Dan Blocker, and 2 Others
Bob Harris and Steve McQueen
The Special Flies Through the Air
The Special Slams Back Down
From Across the Track..
Amazing That Harris Survived
After the Accident
Bob Harris Today
Bob Harris Racing -- 2008
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