Bob Harris and Steve McQueen

I can't tell what kind of get-up Harris is wearing on his head here. Racing buddy McQueen has a little fun at Bob's expense.

(1-15-09)   From Bob Harris:

"I think this was at Santa Barbara. What looks like a big bandage on my head, was actually my helmet. I had handed my helmet to Von Dutch, and told him how I would like to have it painted. He promptly handed it back to me and said "Here, you paint it yourself." I should have known better, as Von Dutch did his own designs. You didn't tell him how you wanted it painted. Two days later he handed me the finished product, which you see in the picture. That was the first and last time I ever wore that helmet. I wish I still had it today, since it was Dutch's work. Steve McQueen and I were close friends and motorcycle desert racing buddies as well."

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