Bob Falcon Needs Your Help

Longtime racer and "car guy" Bob Falcon is looking for photos from his racing career:

"Back in the mid 1950s I began driving Sports Cars on the RRR Circuit which raced anywhere that would have us. Many events were on oval tracks at night. 

I was driving an MG TD for an old buddy of mine and we had it working real well, especially on the dirt at Gardena Stadium where we put many butts on seats. We also raced at Bonelli Stadium that was in Saugus. The name was changed to Saugus Stadium when the switched to NASCAR shows exclusively.

We did really well at Bonelli which was a third mile, very flat, oval. We qualified second fastest in the Under 1500 cc Production Class. A Porsche Speedster out qualified us by 0.100 of a second.
We beat him in the Under 1500 Production Feature passing him on the last turn of the last lap!

I know there were pix shot of the pass because the strobes blinded me.

We also drove an XK 140 Jag for Jack Furcho who we also did some remarkable things for. At Willow, on a standing start of the Over 1500 cc Production Class event, our starting position was 27th on the grid. We passed 25 cars on the start and went into the first turn in second place. We also won that one on the last turn of the last lap.

In another RRR event held at The Orange County Fairgrounds we parked our brain going down the back straight chasing a into the 90 degree turn too hot...nicked the hay bale and took a chunk of wood out of a telephone pole about forty feet above the ground! We landed on the four wheels! I know there is a pic of that one too because I saw it in a magazine that ex-wife No.1 managed to throw away.

If you can ask if any of your subscribers know of these, or any other of the shots of me in the #57 MG TD or the #19 XK 140 I'd appreciate getting copies."

If you can help Bob Please email me!

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