(12-21-09)   From author and historian Michael T. Lynch: 

"On 17 May 1959 there was a strange race at Langhorne PA on a dirt oval.  There were three qualifying races, one for sports cars, one for modifieds and one for stock cars.  The picture here shows the sports car race.  Carroll Shelby won in the white monstrosity powered by a Cadillac.  Loyal Katskee was second in his 121 LM Ferrari.  Shelby lost oil pressure before the start of the main and was a DNS.  Katskee ran in the main, but I do not know where he finished. My question is does anyone know anything about Shel's Cadillac Special.  Who owned it, who built it, what was the basis for it, etc. Did it ever appear anywhere else in a race?"

(1-28-10)  From Lou Schultz:

"The Shelby driven Cadillac Special, as it appears today, was present in the Langhorne Speedway booth at the recent, Jan 22, 23, 24 2010, Area Auto Racing News Motorsports Show in Oaks PA (Philly suburb). 

I was unable to locate the car’s current owners Bob and Rob Schultz (no relation). 

More details about the race itself and the Cadillac Special.

I had attended this particular race as a 20 year old Philadelphia resident becoming more interested in road racing then oval track (Dad raced midgets in the late 1930’s).

After seeing road races at Marlboro Maryland the thought of seeing a sports cars race only 25 miles from home sounded too good to be true.

Having witnessed years of midget, sprint, and big car races at Langhorne the “sporty cars” did not fare to well in the eyes of the fans that day.  The cars were really not suited for the slick oily circle at Langhorne. 

As I recall, the Cadillac Special and especially Katskee’s Ferrari were the class of the field.  The other sports cars were pretty much a rag tag bunch."

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