Corry Arnold's "YouTube" Videos

From Corry Arnold: 

"I am an occasional but appreciative reader of your site. I grew up in the Bay Area and my Dad and I used to attend auto races in the 1960s.  To make a long story short, some long ago Super 8 footage shot by my Dad, which I gave to a co-worker, long ago, to turn into VHS (remember that?), has now been converted to digital and YouTubed. There's no sound, and its not exactly James Garner in Grand Prix, and they are only a few minutes long, but they're a neat little slice of history, and I thought your website's audience would enjoy them."

Candlestick Park: August, 1965

From Corry: 

"I am the little boy (age 7) who appears momentarily in both films. I liked Lotus--I really, really liked Lotus--so I'm fairly certain I insisted that my Dad take film of all the Lotuses, even when they were on trailers (note the closeups of the Vaca race, I think Formula B --all Lotus)."

Vaca Valley Raceway:  September, 1965.

From MGA racer and website contributor Tony Ferrari: 

"These videos are fantastic.  I was at both events -- Candlestick as a spectator and Vacaville as an entrant.  At Vacaville the #22 red Ferrari is almost certainly Danno Raffetto in the TR now run by Mike Callaham.  The Candlestick pictures show the race for first between Don Wester #6 Porsche and Phil Hill #7 Cobra (which Wester won) as described in the Wheel article I sent you. there is a lot of footage of Merle Brennan in the E Jag coupe also."

More from Corry: 

"My friend posted the last of the little bits of Super 8 film that survived from our racing days. This is Super 8 footage my Dad took at Laguna Seca on October 16, 1966. The resolution isn't great, and its mainly nostalgia, but fun nonetheless. For your interests, however, the best footage is actually the first minute or so, which is fairly close up footage (I think from about Turn Three) of the ABCD Production race. Between CanAm heats, there seems to be a sports car parade, I think of old Jaguars, which are probably worth more now than the CanAm cars."

Laguna Seca Can-Am: October, 1966.

More from Corry: 

"I don't think my Dad has any more hidden treasures, but you never know."

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