Chuck Fawcett's Photos -- 3

In 1956, he attended an event at the 4-mile "Road America" course near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.  Very lush and green, it's a big contrast to the bleakness of the Southern California desert in many of the photos on the previous pages.

Your webmaster REALLY needs help captioning these photos as they're not only before his time but also far away from his familiar west coast turf.  If you can ID the cars and drivers below:  Please email me!

From Chuck Fawcett:

"My buddy and I who went to all the So Cal races decided we wanted to take a trip and see the races in Elkhart Lake.  This was either 1956 or 1957, probably '56 but I'm not sure.  I had a '52 MG-TD and my Dad had a '55 Porsche Speedster, and he told me to take the Porsche since he didn't have much faith in the TD making a 4000 mile trip.  We hit some heavy rain on the trip, and I had to pull the plugs out of the floor of the Speedster to let the water drain out.  They didn't call them "bathtub Porsches" for nothing!

We had a great time, and these pictures are all I have left from the trip besides some cool memories."

Carroll Shelby -- Ferrari 121 LM / Sherwood Johnston  Jaguar D-Type  (1)
Carroll Shelby -- Ferrari 121 LM / Sherwood Johnston  Jaguar D-Type  (2)
Phil Stewart  -- Maserati 300S
John Quackenbush -- Ferrari 500TR / Ted Boynton -- Maserati A6GCS
 Bill Lloyd -- Maserati 300S
Ralph Miller -- Lotus Mk.9 / M.R.J. Wyllie -- Lotus Mk.9
Ebby Lunken -- Ferrari 500TR
Fred Scalvi -- Cooper "Bobtail" / Ralph Miller -- Lotus Mk.9
 Briggs Cunningham -- OSCA
Jim Kimberly -- OSCA
Mike Marshall -- Porsche 550 Spyder (spun out)
Dick Thompson -- Chevrolet Corvette
Charles Wallace -- Mercedes-Benz 300-SL "Gullwing Coupe"
Paul O'Shea -- Mercedes-Benz 300-SL "Gullwing Coupe"
Jim Jeffords -- Jaguar XK-120 / Dick Doane -- Chevrolet Corvette
Carl Haas -- Porsche 356 / Bob Ballenger -- Porsche 356
Harley Earl's "Firebird III" Dream Car 
Harley Earl's "Buick LeSabre" Dream Car From 1951.
Scenic Look at "Road America"  (1)
Scenic Look at "Road America"  (2)
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