Jack Stewart's DeMar Special  (2)
From Jack Stewart:  "The "Hot Grid" at Del Mar is hard to believe today.  Not only is there no Nomex in sight, but the drivers didn't even have fire-retardant driving suits; that came a couple of years later.  My crewman's friend pushes even though she has bare feet -- those were casual times!"

"The DeMar is in very pale blue primer, still no head rest.  This is my 3rd race and the last in primer. The first two were at Hourglass field. The car was finished at about 3:00 AM, loaded on the trailer, and hauled to San Diego in time for the first practice.  I don't remember much except that I broke a tie rod and spent much of the afternoon sleeping so I could tow back home to Westchester that evening."

"This shot was taken at Pomona on July 9, 1961 and shows a lot of detail. The carbs are large Pontiac tri-pack with full intermediate circuits and the air scoop fits down on the air box.  (The pliers are removed prior to racing!)  The headers are welded solid steel. The two belts drive only the water pump.  The alternator is driven from the engine speed drive shaft.( Above 9000 RPM we'd throw the alternator belt which then disabled the water pump and we DNF.) This set up proved to be bullet proof.  The horn was still required but a horn button was not, we had two bare wires on the driveshaft cover which made the technical inspectors happy."
"The young lady on the communications phones is Judy Stewart, my wife of 53 years. At that time the Women's Sports Car Club worked closely with Cal Club, handling pre-race paperwork (applications etc.), then at race communications, out on the turns, and at Race Central. She is shown at Central."

More from Jack Stewart:  "De Mar is my middle name.  It is my mothers last name and the car is named for her.  Incidentally, she is still alive and KICKING in a nursing 
home.  She will be 104 the end of May."

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