Brett Johnson -- Lotus Mk.11

Historic racer & longtime website contributor Bob Engberg identifies this "number- less" mystery Lotus: 

"The white Lotus Eleven (#74) belongs to Brett Johnson of Indianapolis. He bought the car 30 years ago for $400 when he was a high school student. Only later did he learn that it is one of the Elevens that raced at Sebring in 1957 and 1958. 

He has restored it to be exactly as it was presented at Sebring, without a rollbar (not required at Monterey anyway) and without a number on its left side.  Numbers were not required on the left side of cars at Sebring in '57  as that side  faced away from the scorers, a point he had to explain to the Monterey tech crew who wanted him to add a number.  Brett brought the car to join in the 50th Anniversary of the Lotus Eleven.  Sixteen Elevens were at Monterey over the two weekends.  It was quite a sight!"

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