The Cars
New additions to this page at bottom:
A page on "Begra" cars.
Berkeley was a tiny motorcycle-engined British sports car.
BRM was a  player on the Grand Prix circuit in the 1950s and 1960s.
The BRM V-16 was amazing.  Here's a Dutch page with some photos of the car.
"The Bugatti Page" is among the best of the many Bugatti sites.
A Chaparral site with plenty of links.
One of the hairiest, wildest, loudest, most fun to watch racecars was the Cheetah.
Fred Yeakel races the ex-Alan Green Chevrolet Cheetah.  He and his daughter, Corvette racer Jeni, created this new Cheetah site.
Corvette guy Jim Gessner has contributed some great photos to this site.  Here's his new  Corvette site.
The "Solid Axle Corvette Club" is dedicated to 1953-62 Corvettes.
Worth a link in its own right is this bio of Zora Arkus-Duntov (from Idaho Corvette).
Coventry Climax provided engines for British sports and formula cars in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
The Cobra era is well-documented on the net.  Here's Carroll Shelby's  personal site.
Here's another Cobra site with lots of links
The "Nor Cal Shelby Club" has an interesting site. 
Jim Race's Shelby pages are dedicated to his Grandfather, James Davis McLean who was Vice
President and General manager of Shelby American through the "wonder years". 
"Roadster Rob's" excellent site on the racing history of the Datsun 2000 roadsters.
Bill Devin, the creator of the Devin SS and other Devin cars, recently passed away.
More on Devin cars at Clark Smith's site.
The "Doretti" was a Triumph based sports car with a southern California connection.
Fred Talmadge's Elva Courier site.
"Etceterini" are the small-displacement Italian sports/racers built by a wide variety of small manufacturers.  Link contributed by historian Ron Cummings.
Ferrari of North America's website.
Talking about British classics...  Bob Schmitt's Frazer-Nash site!
Here's a site devoted to Hispano-Suiza racing cars.
Allan Mandell's site for Jaguar Enthusiasts.
The "Jaguar Clubs of North America" site is excellent.  Check out the "Features".
Here are some more Jaguar sites:
Jomar was a British kit car of the 1950s.  Here's a look at one, anyway.
Kellison created strikingly aggressive fiberglass bodies for sports & GT cars.
An interesting look at "Kieft" cars.
"LaDawri" was one of the US fiberglass body makers in the 1950s.  Many "Specials" were created using LaDawri coachwork.
A page I found on the Lancia Stratos rally car.
The very good Lola Cars website.
Jay Sloane's site dedicated to the Lotus Eleven.
John Donohoe's well-designed site "Simple Sevens" is "Dedicated to owners, drivers, and serious fans of Colin Chapman's Lotus 7".
"The life and times of Sy Kaback" is a small part of John's site and is worth a look in its own right.  It's an excellent bio of the East Coast Lotus maven.
The "Historic Lotus Register" is an important resource for Lotus researchers. is dedicated to preserving the history of vintage Lotus 30 and 40 sports racing cars, with its primary focus on the Pink Stamps Special Lotus 30/40.
"Frank Costin applied the skills gained in the field of aviation to create a lightweight wood laminate monocoque body and chassis unit."  The official site of "Marcos Cars".
A page on the Maserati Type 151 coupe.
"Enrico's Maserati site" is a good source for Maserati info.
Here's one with plenty of links regarding MG sports cars.
"Morgan Cars" -- the official site of the British classic!
Not a car, but Pete Kellonds beautiful restoration of the ex-John Surtees 500cc. Norton Manx.
A very thorough & interesting site on Porsche Speedsters.
Johan Wellens created this site dedicated to the 4-cam Porsche Carrera Speedsters.
Porsche Spyders (RS through RS61) often challenged for overall wins in California racing in 1961. This one's for the RSK/RS60.
Interesting photos of the assembly of the incredible Porsche 917 engine.
Rolls Royce & Bentley Cars.
Steve Silverstein's site on the Sunbeam Alpine in competition.
Steve Laifman edits this Sunbeam Tiger site.
This site has everything you could ever want to know about Triumph sports cars.
Vanwall was the first British entrant to win the Manufacturers championship in F1, and was the last front-engined car to do so.  (Gil Bouffard gathered this material.)
Although there's plenty on the net about Reventlow's ill-fated 1960 Formula One venture, there's surprisingly little on the far more successful Scarab sports cars.  Here's a page from Tom Farrington's site offering a gallery of Klaus Bythiner's Scarab photos for sale.
Jeff Bucknum carries on his father's legacy with "Team Bucknum Racing."
Website contributor Dave Norton created the amazing 3-wheeled "Shrike".
"Joe's Garage" features Joe Kane's "Hummingbird" car and his other automotive projects.
Motorima.  This Swedish restoration expert does astounding work!  Check out his Ferrari TRI/61 replica!
Wallace Craig's page on the opening of the "Chaparral Gallery" at the Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas.
Richard Earl's tribute site to his grandfather: groundbreaking General Motors designer and engineer Harley Earl.
From Ron Cummings:  A look at Sterling Edwards and his cars.
2-16-06:  An excellent page on Bandini cars.  (From
2-16-06   "Chassis" section on is worth exploring.
2-17-06   Oscar Medina & Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu's "Old Yeller II" website!
3-23-06   Marco Kaffenberger, nephew of Dr. Klaus Lehr, today's owner of the Mercedes 300SLS Porter Special, created this new website devoted to the car.
6-26-06   Dave Greenblatt built the "Dailu Specials" in Canada.  Here's his website!

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