Racing History Websites features very useful race results & car chassis number databases, as well as books & cars for sale. 
Nick England's site features the fascinating history of Virginia International Raceway(V.I.R.).
Meadowdale was a legendary race course near Chicago.  It was 3.27 miles long and featured the high-banked "Monza Wall" and a 4000' foot straight.  Webmaster Ross Fossbender has added memorial sites for three more historic midwestern courses:

Wilmot Hills         Lynndale Farms      State Fair Park

John Coelho's "Coldplugs" site features photos & memories of early 1960s road racing in Connecticut.  He has great pictures from Lime Rock & Thompson.
Cumberland was a major stop on the East Coast tour rivaling Watkins Glen and Sebring during the mid 1950's.  Penske, Hansgen, Holbert, Donahue and others raced here.
William Edgar created the "Edgar Motorsports Archive" to celebrate his father John Edgar's contribution to American road racing.  William Edgar is a successful author and filmmaker in his own right.
Frank Sheffield shares photos & memories of his days as a flagman at Riverside & elsewhere.  Especially valuable is his listing of programs.  Find under "Covers".
Chuck Porter created the Mercedes SLS from a wrecked 300SL.  Tribute site by his daughter, Debby.
Deep history is available at the Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library
The racing history of the Arciero family.
Russell Jaslow's excellent "Racing History" site:  Interesting things here and good links.
Al Long's site!  See his photos at "Nostalgia Sports Car Racing 1950s & 60s".  Also, check out his Indian jewelry -- beautiful work!
A December holiday attending the "Nassau Speed Week" was the traditional end to the racing season in the 1850s and early 1960s.
Site for the Donington collection of Grand Prix cars.
Leif Snellman's astoundingly good website on 1930s Grand Prix racing.  Don't miss this one.
Dennis A. David's very thorough and valuable site on Grand Prix racing history .  If you need Grand Prix info, here's the place to find it.
The British "Motor Racing Archive" is a facility dedicated to the preservation of the UK's rich history of motor sport.
Formula One photo gallery
Some CanAm history.
The Indianapolis 500's official website.  Very thorough.
Bill Vukovich was killed in this terrible accident at the 1955 Indianapolis 500.
The "Miller/Offenhauser Historical Society" site is also off-topic, but it's so good and so interesting that I have to include it.
An interesting page on the history of McCulloch superchargers.
Ardun cylinder heads -- News & History of  the conversion for flathead Ford V8s.
For 60 years the Southern California Timing Association has sanctioned land speed record competition on California's dry lake beds and at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  Here's their website, with info on straight-line racing at El Mirage dry lake and elsewhere. 
More straight-line racing at this "Land Speed Racing" site.
And even more straight-line racing, on land and water:  The Donald Campbell tribute page.
Gasser Madness!  Drag racing sports cars!
Extreme turbo drag race car!  Bizarre how far this can go!
"The aim of Malcolm Mitchell's "The Programme Covers Project"  site/project is to gather as many programme covers from any racing series, however big or small together, to form one vast collection."
Pal Negyesi's "KTUD Archive" is a treasure chest of obscure and interesting cars, many from Eastern Europe.
Historian Ron Cummings contributed this link to photos from the 1954  "Carrera Panamericana".
"Von Dutch" was a legendary SoCal car customizer.  Here's his bio. (Written by Bob Burns)
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