Jim Hall -- 2

Before creating the Chaparrals Hall drove a variety of other cars; Ferraris, Maseratis, and the Lister shown here.

Pete Vanlaw's photo shows Hall in Lister-Chevrolet BHL108 at Santa Barbara in 1958.  These early Listers were called "Knobblys" for their aggressive-looking bodywork.  They appear especially menacing when painted black.  Interesting cars in the background!  L to R:  Jim Larkin in the "Reynold Wrap Special", ????? in the yellow Mercedes-Corvette, a red Ferrari of some sort, ?????, and John von Neumann in a Ferrari 625TRC.
Ed Sauer of Seattle, WA, sent this photo of Jim Hall and an early Chaparral II.  Ed thinks this was 1964.  Can anyone identify the date and this rainy venue?     (Back to:  Ed Sauer Photos)
From 1960s racer & website contributor Jerry Entin:

"On your picture Jim Hall 2 this is the best Franz Weis (Chaparral engine builder) remembers about it. He is at the back of the car. This letter is from Franz Weis's wife Kathy."

"Franz says this photo was during the fall of 1963 when Jim was driving the first rear engined Chaparral.  He's not sure where it was, but it sure was flat.  Not Midland though--too many trees.  Franz is down behind the car wearing his "boys from the hood" old leather jacket.  Car looks like it had been in a wreck doesn't it."    Regards, Kathy Weis

Also:   Grand opening of the Chaparral Gallery at the Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas.

(8-23-09)  Excellent discussion of the Chaparral II photo above on the "Revelations" page of Jan66's "Chaparral Files" website.

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