Jim Hall

debuted the original front-engined Chaparral I at Laguna Seca in June, 1961.  He finished 2nd to Chuck Sargent in his Birdcage.  Here, he powers around Turn 6 toward a 3rd place finish in the 1961 "L.A. Times Grand Prix" held at Riverside on Oct 13-15, 1961.  He finished 2nd in the Oct. 12-14, 1962 event in an upgraded version of the same car.

Hall rounds Riverside's popular Turn 6.  The grandstands were always full here during major events.

This car was built by SoCal constructors Troutman-Barnes, the same team that built the Scarabs for Lance Reventlow.

For more info on these cars, (and the later USRRC and Can- Am Chaparral II's) read Richard Falconer's "Chaparral".

Here's Martin Hill's photo of Hall's updated car during practice for the 1962 event.  Note nearly empty grandstands.

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Another look at Hall at Riverside in 1961.

Here, he exits the high-speed Turn 1. 

Monterey Historics, 1997:  The original Chaparral returned to Laguna Seca, the site of its first appearance, with Murray Smith driving.

New! Mark Cramer is creating a Chaparral site.  It's still under construction and doesn't have an index page yet.

Here's his page on the Chaparral I.

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