Old Yeller II Today -- 2005

Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu sent some interesting photos & info about his car.

Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu in Old Yeller II leads a mixed bag of sports/racers at the "Festival of Speed" held at Goodwood in 2004.  I can't identify the mid-1960s car directly behind OY II, but the third car is easy:  It's a Cunningham C4R.  Behind the Cunningham is one of our "Mystery cars" from this website:  The Rolls-Royce powered "Marina".  Then we see a D-Type Jaguar in Cunningham livery.  Behind the Jaguar is a Ferrari 250GT California.  Off the course (I think) is a lightweight E-Type Jaguar racer.
From Bruce Dabney:  "The car behind OYII at Goodwood looks like a Genie MK8 -- I recognize the paint job, I think it might be one that as of a year or 2 ago, belonged to Bill Hair of Calif."

From Don Blair:   The photo of Ernie Nagamatsu in OYII at Goodwood 2004 shows it in front of a unidentified blue and white car which is a 1963 (Huffaker-built) Genie- Chevrolet, see photo from "motorsport.com".   Don Blair.

Another look at Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu on the colorful, scenic & historic Goodwood circuit.
Dr. Nagamatsu leads a D-Type Jaguar and a Maserati 300S at Goodwood.

Photographers should be ready to move fast if necessary.  What's with these guys?

OYII has recently undergone significant suspension upgrades and will soon return to its status, according to Dan Gurney in 1960, as:  "The best handling car I've ever driven."

Mario Gonzalez created this model of Old Yeller II.  It took him four years to build.  The driver is recognizable as Dan Gurney.  Your webmaster has seen this model in person and it's truly beautiful & very detailed.
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