Beverly, Mass. --  July 7, 1956

These photos were taken by Earl Gandel at the SCCA National event. 

The starting grid at Beverly, Mass.  #144 is Carroll Shelby in Luigi Chinetti's 4.4. Ferrari. 
#93 is Jack McAfee in John Edgar's Ferrari 3.5 and #41 is John Gordon Bennett in a D-Type Jaguar.  Paul O'Shea is behind Shelby in the black derby.  Vasek Polak (short-sleeved shirt),  Joe Landacre (cap), and Jack (in #93) look over at Shelby's car.  Pete Vanlaw in (red windbreaker) is barely visible behind man in blue windbreaker.
Ace Porsche mechanic Rolf Weuterich (James Dean's passenger in fatal accident) discusses race strategy with driver Jack McAfee next to John Edgar's Ferrari 3.5.  Is McAfee wearing Paul O'Shea's hat from the previous photo?  Next to the Ferrari is John Edgar's Porsche 550.  Pete Vanlaw stands at the right.
Author / historian Michael T. Lynch on the black derby hat:

"You ask in the caption if Jack is wearing Paul O'Shea's hat from the upper pic.  These derbys were known as RFM Hats (RFM = Run For Money) and were worn by several prominent drivers to protest the SCCA's pure amateur policies, which prohibited not only racing for money, but racing against people who raced for money."

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