George Keck -- Ferrari Testa Rossa #0754  (2)

"The Sugarman riddle...  There seems to be some mysticism as to whether Stan Sugarman formally owned 0754.  He did not... however, it does not rule out Stan might have contemplated her purchase.  Stalwart Jack did race the car Spring '59 at Del Mar (while consigned to Vasek)... possibly for sales exposure or contem- plated purchase by Stan "The Man" for whom he fielded many cars.  Only Jack, Stan or Vasek can tell what was in mind that day... as Jaroslav sold 0754 to yours truly providing a notarized bill of sale I still have."

George battles Lew Florence in #4 Ferrari 860 Monza 0604 at SeaFair near Shelton, WA, in 1959.  Florence won the race, Keck was 2nd.

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Ferrari 0754's racing history while I owned and drove her (best recall) follows:

1.  Westwood Canada, ICNSCC,  26 July '59,  2nd OA (1st in class) over
1500cc modified event, and 1st OA Formula Libre (the days main event)

2.  Seafair Shelton, SCCA,  2 August '59,  2nd OA (1st in class) over 1500cc
modified (the days main event)

3.  Westwood Canada, ICNSCC,  16 August '59,  1st OA  (Lyle Wicks Trophy),
1st OA  (L.J. Christmas Trophy),  and lap record

4.  Elkhart Lake Road America 500,  13 September '59,  10th OA (3rd in
class) with Doc Frank Becker co-driving

5. 2nd (class D) 1959 Pacific Coast SCCA Championship

"Probably the most memorable race in the Ferrari... aside from an exuberant high speed off-road excursion thru a grain field at Elkhart, costing a good three positions at the finish... was at Westwood.  Westwood (a two mile up-n-down twisty-turny tight course) was just made for a Lotus.  Caution was thrown to the wind in the heat of battle when the adrenaline rush took over upon instant challenge by Pete (Lovely) in his nimble Lotus 15.  You could have thrown a blanket over our two cars the entire race... the track record being broken three times keeping the 15 in 0754's rear view mirror (a view in other cars I was not always able to enjoy).  In any event..."
 George at Westwood, 1959.                                  
"As the rush manifested, so did the level of crowd excitement as they too shared in the magic of those moments... making it a simply outstanding and unforgettable day for all."
George on the grid at Westwood.  Car #51 is Jim Rattenbury's D-Type Jaguar.
"That's about a wrap on 0754's saga (while I was privileged to own and campaign her)... subsequent to being in Jaroslav's charge, and prior to passing the baton to Jack Graham.  Hope the preceding are helpful."
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