Ferrari 860 Monza #0604

This car had an extensive southern California and Pacific Northwest racing history.

Lew Florence in #0604, here running  number 4, battles George Keck in Ferrari 250TR #0754 at SeaFair. near Shelton, WA, in 1959.  Florence won the race with Keck finishing second.  Below George Keck & author & historian David Seielstad respond to a question from Giorgio Gotti, of Palma, Italy, regarding #0604's identity.

See the car as it looks today!

From George Keck:

"As to the pic any info request... Ferrari #4 (an 860 Monza... Lampredi 4 banger) was fielded by Lew Florence (Luigi Florenza, as we used to lovingly call him), and owned by either Dick Hahn or Jerry Barker (can't remember which) at the time.  Lew and I ran neck-n-neck the entire race (SeaFair '59)...  in which he made it to the finish line taking 1st OA when it counted. 

Incidentally, that particular 3.5 Ferrari was the '56 Sebring winner driven by Fangio... subsequently purchased by Johnny von Neumann (fielded by Hill, von Neumann, and Ginther) prior to Chuck (or was it Jerry) acquiring her.  As I recall, Chuck Cravens owned and raced her successfully after that in the early 60's.  I've good reason to believe her serial was #0604".

From David Seielstad:

"Long story short: there is only one car with a big oval grille, scoop on top of left fender, second hole on left, no round holes flanking the radiator with rear fender top scoops. And it was in the NW at this time.

It is #0604 the Sebring winning 860 Monza ex-John von Neumann owned by Jerry Barker. Then I checked race results and find Lew Florence raced 0604 at SeaFair on 2 Aug 59 #4 and again on 13 Sept 59 at Shelton number ??.  The only photos I have of the car in Seattle show it all red. First at SeaFair and 2nd at Shelton. 

Florence raced once more at Westwood 18 Oct 59 in race 6.  Do not know # or result then it was sold to Charles Cravens. Cravens won Shelton 10 Apr 60. Do not know the number, but he often used #12."

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