Dave Ridenour

drove a Costin bodied Lister-Jaguar in 1960-61-62.  He was very competitive in local races in this beautiful car.  He didn't qualify at Riverside in 1960 or 1961.  At Laguna Seca he made the race, but was eliminated in a starting line incident.

The Lister (BHL 2/59) was an ex-factory racer driven at LeMans in 1959 by Ivor Bueb/Bruce Halford.

Later, Ridenour drove a Genie-Olds, and then a Genie-Ford successfully.

Ridenour brakes for Turn 5 at Laguna Seca.
Ridenour leads Chuck Sargent's Maserati during the Saturday support race for the Oct. 21-22, 1961 Pacific Grand Prix at Laguna Seca.

Sargent won this event.

Ridenour in the worse-for-wear Lister at Cotati on November 11-12, 1961.  He finished 3rd.

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Pete Ruff remembers Dave Ridenour:

"I found your site by plugging Costin Lister Jaguar into Google.  I grew up across the street and then up the block from Dave in San Francisco in the '50s. I was probably 5 to 10 years younger than Dave.  He was the guiding force in my buying an XK120, my first car.  It had been badly treated before I got it, and seemed to break weekly. 

Dave was my mentor during those times.  He was gracious with his time, advice, and  tools.  At that time he was racing an XK140, light and dark blue; the dark blue was the same color as the blue on his Lister. 

One day when it was still BRG, I accompanied Dave to Vacaville with the Lister to act as a pit-boy, and was lucky to get a ride for one lap around the circuit.  After we left the track, we met up with Joe Huffaker (senior) at the Nut Tree.

Hearing of Dave's death on the radio was my first close encounter with death, and it affected me deeply.  Dave was and always will be a hero to me.  He was a class act, friendly, polite, funny, and always willing to share a story, or anything else he had."

(2-26-08)   From Barry Novak 

"I can't believe I found this site. Me and my friends were only about 16 when we met Dave at Westwood (near Vancouver B.C.) about l963 or 4 and we loved him, he was our favourite! 

What a neat guy he was!  He let us into the pits and was so gracious to us. We were devastated when we heard he was killed in rollover in an old chev or pontiac in a low class stock car race because the rollbar broke. (I heard he was clawing his way back to the bigger leagues after he had lent his Genie-Comet to a friend in S.F. making a commercial who inadvertantlly wrecked it.) 

I think he was the son of a doctor in S.F. It's a long long time ago, but I remember things--------------- I'm so glad that there is some memory of him on this site----------------right now I'm in tears, I can't go on.
                            Thank you,
                                     Barry Novak

(1-7-12)   From Matthew Kelleher:

"Thanks for this great collection of car photos !  The "starting line" incident that DQd Dave's Lister at 1961 at Laguna Seca was not his fault.  As I remember; Sid Colberg (starter and racer at Laguna) had a beautiful, white Jaguar XKSS that was staged in front of Dave's car. When the flag dropped; Sid's car jumped to a stop and Dave's car went over the top of the Jag.  Sid "popped the clutch" and stalled his car; while Dave drove on and on top. 

I was there working the pits for my Uncle Jack Flaherty in his Lister Jag under the watchful guidance of Joe Huffaker.  Sid's XKSS was one of the most stunning cars I've ever seen."

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