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Owner has also asked Rob Daniels ( for info. I forward our short e-mail correspondence on identifying his car here.

I would guess that Rob has already been in touch with him but you might want to post the info to clear up the mystery for your web pages.

Incidentally, I too have an English Ford 'special' purchased as a rough but sound rolling chassis from Rob. It's a 'Falcon Caribbean' currently in the throes of restoration and mild updating. 

Kind regards,
Paul Richards

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From: Robert Daniels []
Sent: 17 February 2005 19:25
Subject: RE: Mystery chassis

Top Marks to you Paul.  I hadn't looked at this site for ages and can't remember seeing a picture of his chassis before. I bet he will be surprised when I tell him his old car still survives.

Rob Daniels
Ford Sidevalve Owners Club Specials Registrar
Falcon Registrar
Ashley Registrar

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Sent: 16 February 2005 13:52
Subject: Mystery chassis

Hi Rob,

Have you seen this web page in reference to the MG-engined/Ashley bodied chassis that you were looking for information on.......

Kind regards, 

P.S. Falcon is progressing OK!

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