Cumberland -- 2

Lotus expert John Entwistle contributed these photos of early Lotus entrants at Cumberland.

From John:   "These photos and a photocopy of the program were obtained by my father-in- law from Charles Yost in Pittsburgh.  Mr. Yost attended the race in the 1950s and took these photos.  Lotus #2 is Mrs. "Doc" Wyllie."
MG-powered Lotus Mk. VI chases a Ferrari at the 1956 Cumberland event.
The Lotus Mk.6-MG on the grid.  Pat Dennis, US Historic Lotus Register Mk. 6 Registrar, identifies this car:  "Mk VI #26 and was owned by Gunnard Rubini, later by Bill Klinck Jr.  The race in question would appear to be in 1956, and according to the entry list for that year, Bill Klinck was the driver and is in this photo.  This car is now owned by David Korwin in Rockford, IL - and is in a dissasembled (not damaged) condition. It was made into a roller to bring to the LOG 25 in Birmingham in Sept, 2005." 
From Pat Dennis:  "By 1958, the car was owned by Robert Moogt, and was fitted with a rollbar, inside a rather ungainly headrest.  In this photo (contributed by Pat Dennis), the car is owned & driven by Bud Pell (next owner after Moogt) and the photo was taken at the race in Mt Clemens, MI, in 1959."

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