More on California's Aston Martin DB3S's

These beautiful cars were fixtures in California racing in the late 1950s.  To continue competing in the 1960s, they needed more horsepower so two of them received Chevy V8 engines.

From Ron Cummings:

"According to the Chris Nixon article "The Wayward Aston" published in Vintage Motorsport Nov/Dec 1996 pg 20, the missing Aston is serial number DB3S/109. This was the ex-Joe Lubin car that was built up from a production car to full 1956 FIA secs and with disc brakes and the latest factory team motor.

The chain of ownership looks like this:    Factory, Lubin, Keith Hoyt, Bill Wright ( Jack Matthes-driver, car equipped with Chevrolet V8 motor ).  The car was still missing in 1996, last seen in Burbank, California.    Chris Nixon authored a book called " The Aston Martin DB3S" that was published  by Palawan Press of London in 1996.

According to Nixon the California racing DB3S Astons were:

Rod Carveth #104  Production car, ex Kangaroo Stable.
  #11  Factory racer, aka DBRS, with special twin plug head, possibly with disc 
brakes, last factory racer.
Jack Graham #112  Production car, delivered in San Francisco by David Brown in person. 
Later driven by Clem Proctor with Chevrolet motor.
Joe Lubin:    #8 Factory racer, possibly with disc brakes, and strange wheels.
#115 Production car, later driven by Bill de Creeft and Ron Keil.
#118 Production car, ex Hans Davids, ex Paul Hyatt.
#109 Production car converted to factory racer with disc brakes and strange
wheels,  this was a show car that was wrecked by a magazine 
writer/tester before being converted to a racer by the factory before 
being delivered to Lubin. Later Keith Hoyt, Bill Wright ( Jack Matthes-
driver, car equipped with Chevrolet V8 motor ).

Factory racers #9, #10, #11 were converted to two door bodies for 1956 FIA rules.

The DB3S cars still remain a bit of a mystery to me. More complications arise  when we consider an earlier series of cars called DB3. Serial numbers 112 and 109 later raced in California with Chevrolet motors. The drivers were Graham and Clem  Proctor (112) and Jack Matthes (109).  Serial  number 109 was still lost at the time Nixon wrote his article, last seen in Burbank, California."

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