Old Racecars Wanted!

Your webmaster isn't interested in being in the car business but lately he's received queries from people looking for historic sports/racing cars.  If your webmaster can make a buck or two connecting buyers & sellers, why not?   Queries on this page are free (unless I get buried in them!) and will be posted for three months: your webmaster earns a 10% commission on any sales that result through contacts made through this website.  Needless to say, but essential:  your webmaster makes no guarantees on anything sold here nor does he take any responsibility for the condition of any items sold here.   If you're looking for a car or have a car that someone here is looking for -- Please email me!

2-20-05        I would like to buy a Devin body with or without frame.  Thanks, C.W. Berry

12-16-04  Would you happen to know of anyone selling a Lister Chevy?

12-5-04  A website visitor is looking a buy a drum-braked Kurtis sports-racer for historic  racing in the UK.

11-30-04   A website visitor is interested in buying a "Special", preferably V8 powered, for historic racing.  He prefers an unrestored "barn find". 

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