Gordie Glyer's Photos -- 3
First lap of the 1959 "L.A. Examiner Grand Prix" at Pomona, March 8, 1959.  Glyer in #16 is mid-pack here.  He finally finished 6th overall after many of the top contenders DNF'd.  Following here are:  #21, Irv Lehr, Cooper-Porsche; #49, Bob Drake, Cooper-Climax; #29 Joe Playan, Porsche RS; #170 Ed Vincent, Ferrari 500TR #0636MDTR; #88 Jim Rathmann, John Edgar's Ferrari 4.9; #2, Harry Hanford, OSCA; #273 Jim Hall, Lister-Chevy.  (Gurney, Hudson, Krause, Shelby, Miles, Weiss, and Balchowsky have already gone by.)
(Photo by George Robitschek)
Photographer Allen Kuhn recognized HIMSELF in this photo.
From Allen:

"WOW!   I've finally found a picture of me! In Gordon Glyer #3 of the Examiner GP the guy standing up right over the "X" has to be me. It lines up with my angle of the start of the race. Robitschek must have been standing right next to Bob Tronolone. Robitschek was a good  photographer. I wonder what happened to him and his negs?"

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