Gordie Glyer's Photos -- 4
Glyer closes in on Dan Gurney (yes!) At the L.A. Examiner G.P. on March 8, 1959.  Gurney was leading the race in the Arciero Bros. owned Ferrari 4.9 #0478 but DNF'd. 
                                                                                                                                                    (Photo by Allen Kuhn)
Gordie Glyer describes this photo:

"The Allen Kuhn photo of me & Gurney at the "Examiner Grand Prix" deserves a little explanation.  I had never seen this photo until Allen presented me with a copy at the recent Monterey Historics.  Later in the day I managed to have Dan autograph it for me.  As Dan was signing his name he gave me a "Gordie, I suppose you're going to tell me that you're passing me, ha ha ha".  So I dug out some old race reports in order to find out what was happening here. 

After the big Kessler crash and the re-start I was aware that Gurney was in the lead and was puzzled when I suddenly came up on his tail.  I remember now that he had just waved me by on the inside while on his way to a DNF in a terminally ill Ferrari.

We wound up with a pretty good day considering we were playing with some of the big boys.  Sixth, behind Ken Miles, Sam Weiss, Skip Hudson, Billy Krause, and Lloyd Ruby and third under two liters for a badly needed $600.

Not too bad for a working stiff from Sacramento in a self-prepared, four year old Ferrari on re-capped tires and no clutch.  These were great times, Tam, never to be seen again".

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