Porsche Special -- More

Further research on the Porsche Specials from Ron Cummings & Jerry Entin.

A great photo from Jerry Entin.  This gives us another look at the Porsche Special #169 as well as some other inter- esting under 1500cc. racers at Paramount Ranch in 1957.   Jack Nethercutt leads the group in #102 Lotus Mk.XI.  I THINK #27 is Harry Hanford in an OSCA. Can anyone identify the black Special or any of the drivers besides Nethercutt?
From Bruce Dabney:

"I'm pretty sure the black special in the Jerry Entin pic with the Porsche Spl #169 is one of Roger Barlow's Simca Specials, probably driven by a subsequent owner, because he painted them light blue. (there were 3 of them.)"

From Ron Cummings:

"Ed Freutel raced the original Barlow at about that time with an MG motor and transmission. Frank Monise also had some seat time in Ed's car. The grillwork looks different, in the photo, from the Barlow days. It could very well be the 1st Barlow.  I am not sure."

More From Ron Cummings:

"I'm pretty sure Porsche Speedster #24 is Eddie Barker. He almost always used this number. 
I also think #169 is John Porter's Porsche 550.  I never remember his car looking so beat up, however. That is Porter's car directly behind the Cooper-Porsche at Santa Barbara."

From Your Webmaster:

I've always enjoyed Al Long's website and I was looking at the photos there and I found our black Special:  identified by Al as "Dick Betley leads in an MG Special".

Also on Al's site:  this car looks like a Barlow Simca converted to MG power.

Joe Playan in his Porsche 550 after being hit by Jay Hills' Porsche 356 Speedster.  Was this car rebodied into a Porsche Special?   ???????

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