Bruce Smythe's "Meteor"
From Bruce Smythe: 

"In late 1988 or 89 this car left Wisconsin and came to New Zealand, where I've spent years restoring it, and now race it at historic meets. Does anyone know who owned it previously ? It arrived with a number 155 on the side, an SCCA decal on the windscreenm and a VARA decal on the side. 

This one features a 3"x 2" steel ladder frame (stamped 11/55), Chevy power, muncie m21 and customline live rear axle, and looks a little different because of the roll cage. And where can I find Mr, Dick Jones ? Does anyone have, or know where I can find any more information about this animal's stable mates?"

(4-11-05)   From historian Ron Cummings:

"The body is the Byers SR100 later known as the Dick Jones Meteor shell. I know nothing about this car. However VARA is only a Southern California club, so someone here must know about it."

(11-7-09)   From Hugh Nutting:

"The Bruce Smythe Meteor mystery car is a Dick Jones Meteor not a Byers.  Jim Byers was a financial partner of Dick Jones prior to the time the first Byers bodies were built circa 1956. Dick Jones moved his Meteor body company to Colorado in 1955 and bought out Byers interest in Meteor.  Smythe's car is the 1953 Jones Meteor design."

(2-6-11)   "From "Lilo"

"I have info on the Bruce Smythe  Byers Special. I raced the car and was the second owner.  My email address is (email me)  if the owner wants more info."

(10-10-11   From Bruce Smythe:

"I'm Bruce Smythe, a New Zealander who bought the car from a buddy of mine, the late Mr. Ken White in 1992. He acquired it in Wisconsin in 1988/89 and brought it to New Zealand. Since it arrived here, the car has raced from time to time with other Historic cars.

I am currently working in Australia, but the DJ (our pet name for the "Dick Jones") is alive and well. My son and I took it out for a short drive a few weeks ago when I was on holiday back in NZ."

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