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New Book!  "Weekend Heroes -- Volume 2"
(5-19-20)   Three volume set exquisitely documents the history of California sports car racing in the 1950s.   From Will Edgar:  "The highest degree of excellence throughout each of the three books! Each are splendid in every way! Tony Adriaensens has created a masterpiece in text and photographs of the period's history made so vivid you can see, hear, and feel it on every page."
Unknown MG Special

From Tazio Ottis (4-1-20):   "I am trying to help a friend who recently acquired a car. It was owned and raced by a John Folkendt from Stockton CA. It appears to be an MG special of some sort and is titled a 1955."
Mike Fuch's Ambro Bodied
Chevy V8 Special
3-1-20:  "Mike Fuchs is looking for info on the early history of his Ambro bodied Chevy V8 Special."
Motorsports Challenge"
November 4-15  2019

3-1-20:  "Motorsports Challenge"   I was "Challenged" to post 10 photos that represented significant moments in my motorsports life.  I posted my 10 but was having too much fun to stop.  I ended up posting 15.

CSRG "Charity Challenge"
October 5-6  2019

3-1-20:    I fell ill during the "Charity Challenge" weekend and was only able to shoot Saturday morning.  I spent Sunday sick in bed.  These photos are from my work at Turn 11 on Saturday morning.

"Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion"  
August 15-19  2019

3-1-20    "RMMR" 2019 photos and webpages all "Up".  Commentary & Educational links added!
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