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Motorsports Challenge Photos         November  4-15  2019

The Challenge was to post 10 motorsports photos on 10 consecutive days.  Every day I was to select and post an image from a day in my life of motorsport that has had an impact on me, or been a memorable moment in my motorsport experience.

I was having so much fun with this that I couldn't stop at 10 and posted 15.  Every photo below connects to a page on my website.  Fun to look at the pages & follow the links!

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Prints and high-res digital images of these photos are available for sale.  These pics are some of your webmaster's favorites, but he has THOUSANDS more.  If you'reinterested:   Please email me!

(12-2-19  9:00 PM)   All links below are "Live" now.
Cobra Prototype -- Riverside  March 1962#96 Dan Gurney & #7 Stirling Moss -- Laguna  October 1961#123 Glenn St. Louis & #146 Dave Ridenour -- Vaca Valley  August 1961#22 Harry Heuer & #88 Jack McAfee -- Laguna Seca  October 1961

Ak Miller -- Devin-Oldsmobile   Pomona   July 1961Don Hulette -- Jag-Corvette Special -- Cotati  November 1961 Bill Dixon -- Maserati 300S-Chevy  Laguna Seca  October 1961#7 Sttirling Moss & #17 Bob Harris -- Riverside   October 1961
Lorne Leibel & James Farley -- Cobras -- Laguna Seca   August 2013Ivan Zaremba -- 1939 Mercedes-Benz W154  Sonoma Speed Fest June 2019Dave Ridenour -- Costin Lister-Jag   Cotati   November 1961Don Hulette -- Jag-Corvette Special -- Santa Barbara    Sept.1961
Bill Dixon -- Massrati 300S-Chevy  Laguna Seca  October 1961Rob Manson & John Bowe -- RMMR  August 2019John Bowe & John Buddenbaum --   RMMR  August 2019Charles Warner -- 1979 Shadow DN9B -- RMMR August 2019