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11-29-12 Comments and responses to Dave Hood's film from the 1965 Santa Barbara races.
Rodney Packwood is restoring the 1959 "Packwood Special".
Entry requests open for 2013 "Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion".
11-28-12 Dave Hood's 8mm film from 1965 Santa Barbara races, featuring Doug Hooper in #91 Alligator Special and #19 (ex-Hooper) Corvette driven by Lt. Eric Pohl USAF.
11-25-12 Featured this week:  John McCann's photos from the 1958 L.A. Times Grand Prix held on Oct. 12, 1958.  Includes some excellent unpublished Scarab photos!
11-19-12           Featured this week: David Love's Ferrari 250 TR #0754
11-11-12 Featured this week: Chuck Fawcett's photos from the 1950s.
11-5-12 Featured this week: Dr. John K. Skivington's photos from the early 1950s.
11-1-12 New York Times obituary for John Fitch.
11-1-12  Featured this week: Ed Matsuishi's photos of the 1963 German Grand Prix.

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