Ed Matsuishi's Photos (2):  German Grand Prix -- 1963

From Ed: "At Nurburgring (August 4, 1963) Phil Hill was with the ATS team.  On the way from Italy, the driver fell asleep, and ran the transporter off of the road dumping the three cars off.  We tried to make one good car out of the three bent ones.  Just before the last qualifying session, when we tried to put gas in the car,  it all ran out the bottom of the damaged  fuel tank.  So Phil and I watched the race from the grandstand."

(2-5-11)   From Scott Sperka:

"I  just ran across the 5 pages of Ed Matsuishi's photos of the West Coast and European paddocks, pits, races and they are remarkable!  Also totally amazing is that they were taken while he was a mechanic for the Maseratis and a traveling friend of Phil Hill.  Please give Ed my sincerest gratitude for digitizing them, choosing to post them, and for sharing his very unique experiences with us all.  We have gotten a very rare and unique view into racing in a most wonderful era of each venue he has exposed to us.  Thank you, so much!"

1939 Mercedes-Benz W163 Grand Prix Car
Stirling Moss Interviews John Surtees
Stirling Moss Interviews Bruce McLaren
Phil Hill  (1)
Juan Manuel Fangio
ATS  (1)
ATS  (2)
John Surtees -- Ferrari
ATS Team -- Cars on Transporter
Ferrari V6 Engine?
Jim Clark -- Lotus-Climax  (1)
Jim Clark -- Lotus-Climax  (2)
Jim Clark -- Lotus-Climax  (3)
Phil Hill  (2)
Phil Hill  (3)
Phil Hill  (4)
Jim Clark -- Lotus-Climax  (4)
Willy Mairesse -- Ferrari
Jack Brabham -- Brabham-Climax  (1)
Jack Brabham -- Brabham-Climax  (2)
Dan Gurney -- Brabham-Climax
Innes Ireland -- Lotus-BRM
Jim Hall -- Lotus-BRM
Lorenzo Bandini -- BRM -- Jo Siffert / Lotus-BRM
When Doves Fly
Start of German GP
John Surtees -- Ferrari
Richie Ginther -- BRM / John Surtees -- Ferrari
Jim Clark -- Lotus-Climax  (5)
Richie Ginther -- BRM
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