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11-1-12                      Moving on to "Updates -- November 2012".
10-29-12 Featured this week: Ed Matsuishi's photos of the 1963 German Grand Prix.
10-24-12 Featured this week: Jim Hawes contributed Jim Serniuk's photos of the rainy 1968 Laguna Seca Can-Am race.
10-21-12 Eric Bernhard explains the flames below Tom Price's Alfa during the "Oil Incident".
10-17-12 All photos and pages from the "Charity Challenge" Groups 4+5+6+7+8 posted!
10-17-12  First sixteen pages from "Charity Challenge" Racing Groups 4-5-6-7-8 posted!
10-16-12 All "Charity Challenge" pages from Racing Groups 1-2-3 posted!
10-15-12 Eight more pages posted!
10-15-12 First twelve pages from the CSRG "Charity Challenge" posted!
10-14-12 CSRG "Charity Challenge" Homepages posted!
10-12-12 Other business has delayed my photos from the "CSRG Charity Challenge."  Here's the first section:  An "Oil Incident" in the esses at Sonoma Raceway.
10-1-12 Longtime racer and businessman Al Moss passed away on 9-25-12.  His 4 DVD set of early 1950s racing films and photos is no longer available through this website.
10-1-12           Welcome to "Updates -- October 2012".  Nothing here yet, but the CSRG "Charity Challenge" is coming up Oct. 5-6-7 at Sonoma Raceway.  One of my favorite events!

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