CSRG "Charity Challenge"  Oct. 5-6-7 2012  (Groups 4-5-6-7-8)

Organized to benefit the Speedway Children's Charities of Sonoma", the first eight runnings of this event have raised some $500,000.  All proceeds from gate tickets, Charity Track Rides, and raffle ticket sales go to the Charities.

This year's ninth running drew an entry of 220 historic racing cars and featured the "Formula Car Invitational".

(Note:  Due to family obligations I was unable to attend Sunday's racing.  I shot plenty of pics on Friday and Saturday, though.)

Map of "Sonoma Raceway".

Prints and high-res digital images of these photos are available for sale.  These pics here are your webmaster's favorites, but he has THOUSANDS more.  If you don't see your car :   Please email me!

10-17-12   11:00 PM    All links below are "Live" now!

Dan Marvin -- Lotus Mk.69 / Jonathan Burke -- Brabham BT40
Jonathan Burke -- Brabham BT40 / Martin Lauber -- Chevron B39
David Rugh -- Ralt RT5 / Jack Woodruff -- March 722
Carl Moore -- March 76B / Allen Nicholas -- Brabham BT35
Robert Baker -- Ralt RT1 FA
Locke de Bretteville -- Palliser- Winkelmann WDB2
John Smith -- Lotus Mk.51C
Kristopher Matheson -- Titan Mk.VI
Tim Monahan -- Brabham BT29 / Tony Brakohiapa -- Titan FF
Francois Castaing -- Chevron B23 / Daniel Lipetz -- Lola T163
Jeff Abramson -- Lotus Mk.23B / Cameron Healy -- Porsche 908/3
Fred Cziska -- Shadow Mk.III Can-Am
Fred Cziska -- Shadow Mk.III / Rob Gritten -- Lola T294
Thor Johnson -- Porsche 910 / Mike Thurlow -- Lola T-294
Robert David -- Lotus Mk.23B / Thor Johnson -- Porsche 910
Bob Roth -- Genie Sports/Racer / Thor Johnson -- Porsche 910
Dean Meiling -- Elva Mk.7S / Mike Summers -- Lotus Mk.23B
Laurie Lyford -- BMW 2002 / Alan Terpins -- Porsche 911 T/R
Jon Norman -- Alfa Romeo GTV / Laurie Lyford -- BMW 2002
Ex-Frank Morrill E-Type Jaguar
Formula Cars Prepare...
Thor Johnson -- Porsche 910 -- Lunchbreak "Charity Rides"
Ferrari ?????
Maserati Ghibli Spyder
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