Updates:  September -- 2012
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9-30-12                     Moving on to "Updates -- October 2012"!
9-26-12 Longtime racer and businessman Al Moss passed away on 9-25-12.  His 4 DVD set of early 1950s racing films and photos is no longer available through this website.
9-16-12 Phil Trenholme ID's his car and describes his race in Group 2B at the "RMMR".
9-13-12 Finally finished with Monterey! All photos and webpages posted!
9-12-12 From 2012 "RMMR" Group 5B posted!
9-11-12 More Sunday 2012 "RMMR" Groups posted: 2B    3B 4B
9-10-12 First 2012 "RMMR" Sunday group: Group 1B  posted!
9-10-12 Ernie Nagamatsu's spinout:  Full gallery posted!
9-10-12 More Groups posted!   4A 5A   6A 7A    8A    9A
9-7-12 Cobras!  Cobras!  Cobras!  All-Cobra "RMMR" Group 3A photos and webpages!
9-6-12 2012 "RMMR" Group 2A (1927-1951 Racing Cars) photos and webpages posted!
9-5-12 2012 "RMMR" Group 1A Pre-War cars photos and webpages posted!
9-5-12 Another  2012 "RMMR" homepage done: 1B
9-4-12 More homepages done!   6A 7A   8A 9A.   Webpages coming soon!
9-3-12 SPEED TV to Broadcast 2012 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.
9-2-12 First two Group Homepages from the 2012 "RMMR" posted.  Groups 1A and 2A.  Much more coming soon!  I'm very sorry for the delay!
9-1-12 Jay Rodger's Kurtis 500M "Mystery Car"!
9-1-12            New "Mysterey Car"!  Ron Duly is looking to ID early 1950s aluminum body panels he found at an estate sale.

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