More Rod Carveth

In 1963 Carveth campaigned this Lotus Mk.19 powered by an aluminum Buick (B.O.P.) engine. 

Carveth rounds Turn 8 at Riverside on June 22-23, 1963.  He DNF'd after a strong run.

Carveth's best showing with the Lotus was his 7th place finish at the USRRC race at Pacific Raceways (Near Kent, Washington) on July 21, 1963.

Before he ran the Lotus, Rod raced his beautiful Ferrari 250-TR.

Here are the top ten finishers at the USRRC contest at Pacific Raceways, July 21st, 1963.  (Links are to drivers with pages on this website)
  1. Pedro Rodriguez    Genie-Chevrolet
  2.  Dave Ridenour    Genie-Oldsmobile
  3. Don Wester   *Porsche RS61
  4. Bob Holbert **Cobra-Ford
  5. Ken Miles **Cobra-Ford
  6. Dave MacDonald **Cobra-Ford
  7. Rod Carveth     Lotus Mk.19-Buick
  8. Jack Nethercutt     Lotus Mk.19-Climax
  9. Doug Thiem   *Lotus Mk.19-Climax
 10. Chuck Parsons   *Lotus Mk.23
 * Under two-liter cars ** GT class cars
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