Paramount Ranch -- 1

Bob Norton sent me photos from both the March 9-10, 1957 and June 15-16, 1957 events.

"Where They Raced -- Lap 2" by Harold Osmer (published in 2000) states that Paramount Ranch was used from August 1956 to December 1957.  According to Osmer the SCCA staged five races during that period, but it was the CSCC rather than the SCCA.

Bob Norton remembers:  "The track was in a truly lovely area, although way too hot in the summer.  The track was one of few with a crossover."

Eric Hauser powerslides the "Balchowsky Special" around a tight corner.  This was before the car became known as "Ol' Yaller".  He leads an early V8 Corvette.  Can anyone identify the car and driver?

Jack McAfee drove John Edgar's Porsche 550RS at the June event.

He won after Ken Miles similar car was disqualified for a rules infraction

Miles in John von Neumann's 550RS was more than a lap ahead of McAfee when he stopped for a drink of water.

Bad idea -- he stopped in a "restricted area".  Hence his disqualification.

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