Roland Wettstein's 1959 Hildegas Indy Car

Roland Wettstein is looking for background information on this car to help with its restoration.

Hildegas Indianapolis 1959 (former owner Sammy Packard)

From Roland:  "The Hildegas Indianapolis from 1959 is apparently one out of three of its kind, built from Hildegas carmaker from Indiana, USA. According to historic documents the racecar was built for the Indy 500 series and later owned by Sammy Packard, the NASCAR legend.  

1979, Sammy sold the car to Germany. Between ’86 and ’97 the car was shown at many racing events around Europe (e.g. Nürburgring, Hockenheim, Zolder, Most, Brünn, Hungaro-Ring).  The Hildegas has FiA certification papers from ’86 and some historic documents including one from Sammy Packard selling the car to Germany.

The other two Hildegas has been sold to Germany in the ‘70s as well and are currently resting in a museum in Sinsheim, Germany. 

The Hildegas has a Chevy V8 small-block (5400cc) engine with around 400hp and V-max 300km/h (185 mph). The Hildegas is in quite good condition. To plan further restoration I’m trying to find out more historic and technical information about the Hildegas. Anything that could help to get more information about the history of this car is very much appreciated."

If you can help Roland learn more about his car:   Please email me!

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