Gregory Campbell's Devin-Bodied Porsche Speedster

From Gregory:  "I am the owner of a 1955 Porsche 356 speedster (serial #80356) which was rebodied with an early Devin fiberglass body in the late fifties."

More from Gregory:  " I have traced the ownership backwards to George Yokoi in the mid 60ís, and Bruce Kodata in the early 60ís.  Both of these folks lived in the San Francisco area.  I have spoken with George but have not found Bruce.  I understand that Bruce did not race the car but that the previous owner did compete with it.  The car had a roll bar, racing seat belt and came with 2 engines, one being a roller crank racing engine."
"There were several external features which may help distinguish this Devin Porsche from other Devins:
·      Red color
·      Roll hoop for driver only
·      Drivers door only
·      Dash pod on driverís side only
·      Hump on rear engine lid to allow for the fan shroud
·      The body pre-dates the Devin D which had a higher rear area to clear the fan shroud."
I asked if this photo showed a different car:  "No it's the same car; just another era in its life."
Again from Gregory Campbell:   "By the way, here is what my car looks like now."
(12-14-13)   From Frank Cole:

"1961 Devin D-Porsche vintage race car. One of the original Devin D cars as manufactured by Bill Devin at his Rialto Motor Works factory in California. While the Devin SS is certainly well know in vintage racing (15 built), they also built 140 "C" and 160 "D" models. The basic D model featured Volkswagen components while 356 Porsche components were an option. In consulting with Bill during restoration, he estimated they built about 60 D's with the Porsche options. This is one of those cars, which was restored as a vintage race car in 1991 and actively raced til 2001."

(12-14-13)   From Gregory Campbell:

"Thanks.  That is a Devin D.  They are relatively common, not as good looking, not on a Porsche chassis, and built a couple years after mine."

(1-22-14)   From Gregory Campbell:

"I have a possible lead on the history of my car.  Dave Skilling is listed as a driver of a FM Porsche Special in several races in 1958 and 1959 in the San Francisco area.  In particular he had car #82 at Laguna in June 1958 and car #70 at Riverside in July 1959.  Does anyone know anything about Dave Skilling or his Porsche Special?"

"I would like to document the early history of this car.  If you have information or photos you think may help please contact me."

If you can help Gregory with the history of his car  Please email me! and I'll pass the info on to him.

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