Wolfgang Kurth's Jaguar XK-120

From Wolfgang:  "Hi!  I’m researching the history of my XK120 OTS (670501) since quite some time and with the support of many Jaguar historians.  I have collected some information about the early US years of 670501 but the 1950-1968 gap is still wide open.  Can anybody help?

20.07.1950: Date of Manufacture, exterior colour: suede green, trim colour: suede green, hood colour: french grey.

21.07.1950:: Delivered to Max Hoffman Motor Co., New York1950 – 1968: ????

"1968(?:) A "Lady Racer" sold 670501 in 1968(?) to Alan G. Boring, at that time President of "The Jaguar Affiliates Group Michigan",(34585 Quaker Valley Road, Farmington, MI.). Acc. to Alan the car had a "fleshy" color thererfore the car was nicknamed "The Shrimp". The lady "ran the Florida beaches at Daytona for speed trials" (standard windscreen, spats, disc wheels). At time of transaction the lady was about mid/late 40s, resident of the Detroit area."

More from Wolfgang:  "1969 - 1971: Alan G. Boring

26.11.1972:  Alan G. Boring sold the car to Steven Daniels (206E. Michigan Ave., Clinton, MI.)

 Steven Daniels sold the car to Michael A. Griffin (29154 Franklin Hills Drive - Apt. 109, Southfield, MI) (as of 19731975-1977: Michael A. Griffin or Gordon Keller (PO Box 11, Mendocino, CA

1978:  Gordon Keller sold 670501 to Ken Dalziel (UK) through Stephen Langton (UK)"

"Any piece of information would be highly appreciated!"  

If you can help Wolfgang:   Please email me!