Two Scarabs and One Chaparral

With Corvette the featured car this year Corvette powered Specials also figured large.  Among the Specials none were more renowned than Lance Reventlow's Scarabs -- and their would-be successor, the first of the Chaparrals.

Well-known pro Brian Redman proved a natural in the 5555cc. Scarab, winning Saturday's "Group 4A" event.  Here he battles Paul Brown in Tom Holl- felder's Chaparral, the ex-"Meister Brauser" car.

New!   Brian Redman describes this race!

Rob Walton in the ex-Don Orosco Scarab leads Redman.  Walton led early, but finished 3rd behind Redman & Brown.  This car was driven on the street by Lance Reventlow "back in the Day".
Paul Brown rounds Turn 9. Harry Heuer drove the car at Laguna Seca in 1962-63.  The front-engined Chaparrals were created just a little too late.  Mid- engined cars were dominant by then. Brown leads Walton through Turn 5.  The three beautiful blue cars put on a spirited battle.    Read  Paul's story of his experiences driving the Chaparral here! 
Walton suffered problems in practice.  His ace crew of mechanics proved up to the task and the Scarab ran flawlessly during the race. These photos taken on the straight following Turn 5 show the similarities and differences between the two cars.  The Scarab dates from 1958, the Chaparral from 1961. 
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