1962-66 Sports/Racers

Sunday's race group 6B featured a mixed bag of small mid-engined British lightweights, Lotus Mk23s, Elva Mk7s, etc. sprinkled with the odd V8 powered Special.  Usually the lightweights win this event, and 2002 was no exception, with Joel Matta champion in his Lotus Mk.23.

Fred Yeakel's 1963 Cheetah-Chevrolet  DNF'd. Tom Byrnes -- 1964 Brabham BT8 / Thor Johnson -- 1964 Elva Mk.7 battle down the corkscrew.
Mike Blackie's 1964 Genie Mk.10-Chevrolet. Phillippe de Lespinay's Brabham BT8-Climax.

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